You know summer is at its ultimate end when you enter Target and are instantly greeted by classic back-to-school propaganda. For those of us who aren’t technically returning to the classroom, here’s a guide that’ll guarantee a fresh start this fall.

Photography provided by Giphy

Manage Your Screen Time

The viral app Screen Time is mainly marketed toward parents whose children are constantly online. I challenge you to download this genius data collector and use your device as you typically would for an entire week without censoring or cutting back. After that, swallow the embarrassingly detailed results and push yourself to cut down the time spent on your device by a third. Your eyes, neck and overall working bandwidth will thank you. Trust me — a little goes a long way in this digital age.

Meal Prep Your Life

Beyond showering and eating three meals a day, I’ve never really found myself needing to implement a strict routine to feel successful in any given area of my life. But one realm where I’ve recently wanted to step up my game is incorporating healthier foods into my diet. A targeted ad that’s actually caught my attention is from meal-prepping program Daily Harvest. With every ingredient all in one vessel and the only required action being adding my preferred dairy alternative to my blender, how hard can it be? (Stay tuned for my results.)

Invest in Some Fresh Undergarments

What I am about to say may seem like the most annoying parental advice I could ever give you, but to become successful, you must first feel successful. That success begins with socks and underwear that make you feel fresh and entirely secure while completing any given task on any given day. Treat yourself by revamping your entire daily undergarment inventory and choosing whatever styles you see fit. Into prints? Great. Sticking with neutrals? Amazing. By getting your necessities in order, you can begin to build the empire you’ve always dreamed of. (And those necessities definitely shouldn’t have holes in them.

Banish the Sunday Scaries

A sensation you can’t fully comprehend until you’ve personally experienced it, the Sunday Scaries are the worst buzzkill of them all. Imagine waking from a leisurely afternoon nap to the horrible realization that you’ve totally blanked on starting a mandatory presentation you’re supposed to deliver first thing Monday morning and you haven’t started the research and can’t even remember what topic you’re supposed to be covering because you can only focus on the fact that you have about a third of the brain cells you should have because you’ve foolishly spent your entire weekend living invincibly from your 9-to-5 job. Truth is, that presentation doesn’t actually exist but is the reflection of the professional pressures you’re putting on yourself. Making a commitment to banish your Sunday Scaries will change your life.