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Photography by Spacecrafting | Renovations by Quality Cut Design + Remodel, OA Design + Build, J3 Renovation & Design, Vujovich Design Build | Interiors by Ethan Allen, Jennifer Ball Interiors, Fine House Interiors + Design, Lucy Interiors, Spencer Design Associates, Abitare Design Studio

For almost 50 years, the Pillsbury Castle wasn’t a house. Once an office for an architecture firm and at one point a boarding house, the mansion’s new owners Matthew Trettel and Ryan Hanson have been on a nine-month adventure to make it their home. Now, the historic property is ready to open its doors to the public as the 2024 ASID Design Home in partnership with NARI, showcasing the stunning transformation by 30 ASID designers and eight NARI remodelers. Starting July 12, tour attendees will have the chance to enjoy unprecedented access to the historic home and get an exclusive look at the fresh furnishings, emerging art and cutting-edge technology.

ASID Design Home 2024 Tour

July 12–28 | 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pillsbury Castle, 116 East 22nd Street, Minneapolis

Purchase tickets today.

“It’s an amazing feeling walking through the house that feels like us, but is translated to a level we could not have done ourselves,” says Trettel.

The surplus of surprise-and-delight moments found throughout the mansion include a room dedicated to gift wrapping, the primary bathroom that was designed around a Mark Beard painting and even a hidden speakeasy. Intricate details such as denim-stitched wallpaper, a gold foil ceiling and a mirror featuring a custom koi fish pond design will have attendees rethinking “wow” moments in their own homes.

Photography by Spacecrafting | Renovation by Quality Cut Design + Remodel | Interiors by Mike Rataczack Studios

The mansion isn’t just a source of inspiration for remodeling and interior design. History buffs and historic preservation enthusiasts will appreciate the intentionality behind design choices that feel as if Alfred and Eleanor Pillsbury picked them out themselves. The guest suite that was once Eleanor’s room now features an antique fireplace from the Waldorf Astoria, the site of the original Pillsbury Bake-Off. Tour attendees will walk away with a renewed appreciation for restoration of old homes and honoring architectural history.

“We like to imagine Alfred and Eleanor walking through this house and being proud of what we accomplished here,” says Hanson.

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