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As the end of the year approaches (where did it go, BTW?), we’re taking a moment to reflect back on our favorite articles from the past 365 days. Here, we present our top 10 stories from 2018.

10. Sturgis Rides Over the Hill

South Dakota’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has been a summer tradition since 1938. But has this notoriously rowdy biker gathering grown tame in recent years? Has this raucous reunion ridden over the hill, along with its aging attendees? Writer Marguerite Happe investigates.

9. The Real Story Behind Eerie Wisconsin Death Trip

Some very unsettling things were happening in small-town Wisconsin from 1890 to 1900: epidemics, insanities, suicides, burnings, bank closings, early deaths. This darker side of life was chronicled in the book Wisconsin Death Trip, which grew a cult following. That fascination continues 45 years later.

8. Did Minnesota Inspire F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby?

When one reads between the lines of Minnesota native F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the parallels between his life here and narrator Nick Carraway’s experience become oh so clear. But did the Land of 10,000 Lakes really inspire one of the greatest pieces of American literature? Writer Chris Clayton goes in search of some answers.

7. Inside Amangiri, America’s Most Remote Luxury Resort

Celebs like Beyoncé, Gwyneth and the Kardashian clan flock to this utterly remote resort to take time off. What draws them to this concrete fortress rising out of the untouched southern Utah desert? We checked in to find out.

6. Inside the North’s Most Heated Rivalry: Vikings vs. Packers Superfans

In the North, there exists a great sports rivalry. Not between two teams, but between two fan bases: those who revere the Minnesota Vikings and those who worship the Green Bay Packers. And although these sporting faiths couldn’t be more different, both bring their fans a sort of spiritual togetherness.

5. Examining The Hobo Way of Life

Iowa hosts the National Hobo Convention every August, bringing together a group of like-minded individuals to celebrate the hobo way of life. So what happens when a young female (non-hobo) writer joins their throngs?

4. Honoring the Grand Dames of Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka has had its fair share of grand dames, among them Eleanor Jerusha Lawler Pillsbury, Grace Bliss Dayton and Louise Heffelfinger Bell. As the wives of successful men, these women wielded significant influence with wit, charm and intelligence. They shared many interests: the arts, fashion, travel, sports, philanthropy and of course tending to their equally fantastic mansions.

3. What is Northern Food?

When the topic of Northern food comes up, all too often visions of lefse and lutefisk come to mind. But behind this Fargo-esque caricature lies a truly sophisticated, multidimensional cuisine. This year, Minnesota experienced a major food moment, drawing national attention. So what really is Northern food?

2. An Uncensored Conversation with Michele Tafoya

Football fans are used to seeing award-winning, trailblazing sportscaster Michele Tafoya on the sidelines, but few know much about her personal life. In this no-holds-barred interview, she talks on a range of topics, from her political views to her career highlights to her take on pro athletes behaving badly.

1. Aaron Rodgers Goes Deep: An Exclusive Interview

In the world of sports, no athlete has been more mysterious than Aaron Rodgers. The typically tight-lipped Green Bay Packers quarterback, today the NFL’s highest paid player, opens up on everything from his spirituality to his legacy to his personal relationships with predecessor Brett Favre and girlfriend Danica Patrick (spoiler: he’s in love).

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