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It’s no secret that we are Martha Stewart fans around here, so when she granted us an exclusive interview, we were pretty giddy. We were also inspired to pen a list of all the things we love about the domestic doyenne, the iconic tastemaker, the ultimate household name. Here are 10 reasons why we can’t get enough of Martha Stewart.


Photography provided by @marthastewart48

Her Instagram Posts

Seriously, if you don’t already follow @marthastewart48 (not to be confused with @marthastewart), get thee on Instagram and do so immediately. Her personal account is a fascinating mixture of selfies, fun throwbacks, home inspo galore, food photography of comically questionable quality, and glimpses into the good life.


Photography provided by @marthastewart

Her Sense of Humor

Martha isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself, as evidenced by her pitch-perfect cameos and campaigns (Exhibit A: her Postmates commercials). In fact, the New Yorker even dubbed her a comedic genius. Can’t say we don’t agree!


Photography provided by @marthastewart

Her Ability to Do It All in Style

Whether crafting, cooking, baking, entertaining or doing business, Martha brings a certain panache to any activity. How does she do it all? “I think my secret is that I’m always learning and trying to absorb more information,” she told us. “My curiosity has never stopped, and it keeps me going in my life and in my business.”


Photography provided by @marthastewart

Her Major Boss Babe Vibes

Media empire? Check. Dozens of best-selling books? Check. Countless awards? Check. Singular title of America’s first female self-made billionaire? Check. Cheers to you, Martha.


Photography provided by @marthastewart48

Her Unlikely Friendship with Snoop Dogg

Martha and Snoop have struck up a years-long friendship after cohosting Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. “We have a lot of fun together,” she told us. “Snoop has taught me so much about music and culture that I would never be privy to otherwise. He is extremely knowledgeable, laid-back, smart and a good businessman.”


Photography provided by @marthastewart

Her Throwbacks to Her Modeling Days

In case you didn’t know, now you know: Martha started modeling in her teens and used that income to pay her way through college at Barnard. Her clients ranged from Chanel to Unilever, and the vintage photos are nothing short of stunning.


Photography provided by @marthastewart

Her Love of Animals

We’ve lost count of all the animals in the Stewart household(s) at this point, but we know she has a bevy of dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, peacocks, chickens and other fauna lucky enough to call her theirs. Perhaps most famous are her chow chows and Frenchies.


Photography provided by @marthastewart48

Her Halloween Costumes

Martha rivals Halloween enthusiast Heidi Klum when it comes to costumes. She’s been everything from Medusa to zombie Martha to a Fairy GrandMartha (we see what she did there).


Photography provided by @marthastewart

Her Incredible Gardens

When it comes to gardening, Martha puts us all to shame. Yes, we realize she has the help of a team of gardeners to maintain the lush landscapes at her four homes, but still, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. We’re particularly fond of the gardens at her Bedford farm.


Photography provided by the Martha Stewart Blog

Her Philanthropy

And last but certainly not least, we admire Martha for giving back. In fact, even with a decades-long list of career achievements, she’s most proud of her philanthropy. “The hard work that has been done and continues to be done at the Martha Stewart Center for Living in New York City stands out for me,” she told us. “Especially during these trying times, their work is more vital than ever, and I am so proud to be a part of such a charitable place working to change medicine.”

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