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Every month, the Artful Living team shares the obsessions, cravings or guilty pleasures that are keeping us at 100. For May, we reflect on the television shows that currently have us hooked. Including stranger-than-fiction drama, timeless throwbacks and reality-television realness, our entire lineup should inspire your next inevitable streaming binge.

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Schitt’s Creek

I may or may not have just finished binging Schitt’s Creek for the second time on Netflix. Imagine a show where everything that comes out of every character’s mouth is a one-liner. Honestly, everybody needs a little David Rose in their life. –Genevieve

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The Act

Last year’s HBO limited series Sharp Objects brought the incredibly devastating psychological disorder munchausen syndrome by proxy — in which a caregiver causes, makes up or exaggerates health problems in a loved one — back to mainstream entertainment after a long pause (hello, Sixth Sense). Now, Hulu has taken on the stranger-than-fiction real-life story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard with The Act, a slow-motion train wreck (in the best way possible) starring the talented Joey King and Patricia Arquette, who’s been growing on me ever since her tantalizing turn as Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell in Escape at Dannemora. –Kate

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American Idol

After losing interest in the show a few years ago, I have suddenly become hooked again due to the impressive talent this year. My favorite contestant this season is Alejandro Aranda; his impressive guitar and piano skills are unreal. He has my vote! –Mitch

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Vanderpump Rules

I’ve watched every season of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, and in my opinion, it just keeps getting better and better. This season, all of the Sur girls are friends, which you would think would be totally boring, right? Actually, the camaraderie and mutual support is really inspiring. Every time someone hits a major moment in their career, it’s beautiful to see the genuine support and encouragement pouring in from the rest of the cast. Don’t worry though; there is still plenty of drama to enjoy. –Masha

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 The Crown

I’m currently rewatching Netflix’s The Crown. I love being able to pick up on subtleties that the plot drops in after knowing the base storyline. Also, knowing that it’s (mostly) a true story is mind-boggling since Queen Elizabeth is still the sovereign. Plus, I share a name with Princess Margaret, and the summer I spent in London gives me a soft spot for the city and the royal family. –Margaret

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The Little Drummer Girl

I was bored on a flight recently and aimlessly scrolling through the reruns of Big Bang Theory and House Hunters that airlines normally offer when I tripped on The Little Drummer Girland I was totally hooked. This six-part miniseries originally aired on AMC, and it’s completely engrossing. Based on the novels of John le Carré, it’s a spy thriller in the same vein as The Night Manager (also amazing). Now I’m that guy who’s frantically trying to watch the end of an episode while the rest of the passengers are already off the plane. “Sir… sir… it’s time to go…” Pete

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The Real Housewives of New York City

I live and breathe reality TV, so when it comes to Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, you better believe I’ve seen every season of every city. The 11th season of The Real Housewives of New York City kicked off earlier this year and has officially reached its halfway point with Dorinda Medley inviting all the girls to her Berkshires estate, which has a reputation of producing the most incredible episodes you’ll watch all season long. Avoiding any spoilers, all I will say is this: What happens in the Berkshires, stays in the Berkshires. –AJ

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Sex and the City

I’ve watched the Sex and the City series too many times to count. What keeps me coming back: the combination of New York City living, female empowerment and fashion (Manolo Blahnik heels for every occasion). Carrie Bradshaw is an iconic character who is wise and open-minded to whatever life throws at her. SATC might feel dated, but this show will never go out of style. –Kathleen

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