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It’s so easy for me to get lost in a Williams Sonoma store, mesmerized by the endless gadgets and gizmos available to make virtually anything easier in the kitchen. Here are the top 6 tools on my wish list that are just a click away from becoming my new favorite toy.

Photography provided by Williams Sonoma

Chef’n Watermelon Slicester

I’m a huge fan of watermelon, but not the inevitable mess it creates. This slicer transforms your melon-cutting experience, resulting in less mess and perfectly cut pieces. Another perk? You don’t even have to touch the fruit — the rubber tongs at the end do that for you.

Photography provided by Food52

Alasaw Noaway Countertop Compost Bin

Be good to the environment and to your garden. This sleek little box is the perfect receptacle for your kitchen’s compostable items (think eggshells, coffee grounds and lemon peels). Worried about the smell? Don’t be; this countertop bin has a seal that has you covered.

Photography provided by Food52

Staub Cast Iron Lid Holder

The Staub cast iron pieces I own are my absolute favorite items in my kitchen. Countertops stay protected from heat and drippings with the Staub Iron Lid Holder. You simply prop the lid on the stand until you need to put it back on.

Photography provided by Sur La Table

Chef’s Planet Clip and Drain

The struggle of holding a pot in one hand and a colander in the other is no longer relevant. With this handy tool, you can make any pot a colander to drain pasta, veggies and more.

Photography provided by Goop

Soyabella Automatic Nut Milk Maker

Homemade almond milk latte, anyone? Whether you’re a fan of soy, almond, cashew or any other trendy nut milk, this gadget does it all. You can make your milk at home with no additives and zero artificial anything. No need for milk bags, either.

Photography provided by Williams Sonoma

Click and Grow 9-Pod Smart Garden

No backyard, no problem. You can grow some fresh herbs or veggies from the convenience of your own kitchen. Even better, this gizmo is self-watering, so you never have to worry about killing your beloved plants again.

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