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The season that ushers in rejuvenation and refreshment, spring sure knows how to make an entrance. From extended daylight to flowers in bloom, visual surges of renewal and growth abound. As we continue to ride the unpredictable and uncharted waves of change, here are 4 ways I’m thriving this spring season.

Shayla Owodunni Spring | Artful Living Magazine

Photography by Shayla Owodunni

Fawning Over Florals

Thanks to the Twin Cities’ abundance of florists and plant shops, there’s no need to wait on April showers to indulge in May flowers. I am taking every opportunity to style florals throughout my home this season, whether that’s added visual flavor in the kitchen or an inviting spring tablescape. If decorating with flowers or plants feels intimidating, incorporating natural decor like pampas and branches is an easy, equally vibrant option.

Traversing the Town

With the tide of local establishments reopening on the rise, I find myself incessantly surfing my social channels for fresh recommendations. Whether experiencing local culinary catches like Sooki & Mimi or diving in with determination to support local businesses, there are endless opportunities to catch the perfect wave for life refreshment and exhilaration — no flight required.

Respecting My Routine

I will be the first to admit I can closely resemble a tropical storm when I attempt to live life with no agenda. I have recently started embracing morning productivity and, much to my surprise, I am officially on month three of Operation: Become a Morning Person with no regrets. My world ultimately feels like a better place when I approach my days with a respect for my routine.

Soaking in Stillness

After taking some time to reflect on my year thus far and what I desire to create for myself in the months ahead, stillness is a concept I am growing to cherish. Soaking in quiet mornings before the world is awake to pray, turning off social media notifications when life feels loud, embracing an afternoon nap when it calls to me, and nurturing my plants are just a few of the simple joys I welcome for refreshing my mindset and perspective.

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