Photography by Camille Lizama

At the beginning of each year, we create New Year’s resolutions in hopes of bettering ourselves with a fresh start. Although we hate to admit it, all too often we get to a point where we become less committed and leave our resolutions behind. To help you avoid falling off the bandwagon right away, we’ve come up with four easy ways to keep your 2019 New Year’s resolutions on the right track.

Photography provided by One Peloton

Getting Fit: Peloton

Without a doubt, the Peloton bike is 2019’s most convenient way to sweat it out. A 24-hour private cycling studio inside your very own home, the Peloton program leaves you with zero excuses to put off a workout. You can roll out of bed in the morning or use some of your late-night energy to join a class streaming live straight from a New York City cycling studio.

Photography by Camille Lizama

Eating Healthy: Wandering Kitchen Chef To Go

Grocery shopping followed by meal prepping can make healthy eating seem daunting. Wandering Kitchen’s professionally trained chef, Colin Murray, has you covered with his Chef To Go program. This virtual restaurant experience delivers freshly made meals right to your door that are ready to heat and eat. After your simple initial consultation with Murray and a nutritionist, Chef To Go creates a custom meal plan, taking into consideration your likes, dislikes, allergies and goals. Easy peasy.

Photography provided by Palermo Body

Treating Yo Self: Palermo Body Detox Facial Mask

Step one in looking and feeling your best this year is establishing a self-care regimen. The Palermo Body Detox face mask is perfect to apply after a long day of work and is an easy way to wind down into the evening. The mask absorbs excess oil while activated charcoal draws toxins out from beneath the skin. Active ingredients like alfalfa, kelp, spirulina and burdock root contain rich vitamins and minerals that encourage cell turnover and the fading of scars while simultaneously promoting natural healing — leaving your face glowing, clear and ultimately fresh.

Photography provided by Headspace

Upping Your Mindfulness: Headspace

In the age of the Internet, comfort or relaxation is just a click (or a swipe) away. Headspace, one of the world’s top meditation apps, homes in on various areas of your daily life — think stress management, sleeping patterns and the like — to provide a little relief in a chaotic world. Each meditation is tailored to fit any schedule and aims to positively impact your awareness of both yourself and the world around you.