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Styles are, if nothing else, cyclical. What was once out is now in, and what is now in will inevitably be forced out in the future. Thanks to this circular fashion, there’s always something new (or newish) to look out for year in and year out. As we plan our exit of 2021 and head into 2022, the experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery are here with an early look at the styles you can expect to see even more of in the new year.

Modern Organic

Bring the outside in and ground your space with a look inspired by the world around us — a look that incorporates natural textures, clean lines, and the fusion of woods, stones and metals. Implementing this style in the kitchen produces harmony by creating a space that honors the very ingredients we use in everyday living.


What’s in? Wallpaper. But don’t panic just yet. This style is all about celebrating the comfort of older (see “vintage” or “antique”) items and updating them for modern living. Using fanciful, decorative wallpaper in your kitchen can provide a tasteful tribute to the warm nostalgia we all love.

Talking Tech

Smart technology is here to stay. It’s been on our minds for the past few years, but the advancements just keep coming. Preheat the oven on your way home, get a live look inside your fridge while you grocery shop or ask your virtual assistant to pour you a cup of coffee. The opportunities are endless when we’re talking kitchen technology.


Simplicity is stunning. Built-in appliances, no-handle cabinets, matte paints and more — all of these contribute to the style we just can’t get enough of. Rid your space of unnecessary or clunky accessories and embrace the clean countertop. Not only will it mean less cleaning, it’ll be easier on the eyes as well.


Make the most of your space with multi-functional appliances and accessories. From sinks that serve as cutting boards and rinsing mats to drawers that double as refrigerated prep stations, your kitchen can be more than simply a place to cook meals — it can become an all-in-one entertainment area. 

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