Letter from the Editors

Hayley Saunders: We all have our own way of traveling, which becomes abundantly clear when you take a trip with someone new. He might want to sightsee around town while you’d prefer to lounge on the beach. She might want to backpack through Europe while you’d opt to upgrade to cushier accommodations.

Kate Nelson: The affluent, however, have a jet set style all their own. We at Artful Living have the unique opportunity to check out celebrity haunts, and last year while enjoying a long weekend at Utah’s exclusive Amangiri resort, I couldn’t help but wonder what stars might’ve set foot in my very suite. Turns out both Victoria Beckham and Amy Schumer had recently stayed there. Which got me thinking: Aren’t we all a bit curious to know how the rich and famous globetrot?

HS: Our feature, “Flying High” (page 127), gives the inside scoop on where the well-to-do stay, showcases some of the craziest celebrity itineraries and even highlights the high jinks stars have gotten into at five-star hotels. It also outlines how far luxury travel has come over the past century, from the romance of road trips to the draw of owning your own island.

KN: Famous figures have been flocking to Minnesota’s renowned Mayo Clinic for decades. In “Medical Marvel” (page 215), writer Torey Van Oot reveals details about some of the hospital’s most high-profile patients throughout history, from Muhammad Ali to Johnny and June Cash.

HS: The rest of our winter issue is similarly dedicated to all things travel. In our style section, dreamy travel wear goes to the desert (page 72), plus we reveal the one accessory every globetrotter must have (page 54).

KN: And in our adventure section, we tell the story of how a local nonprofit helped out in the nation’s largest rescue of horses (page 199), a cause near and dear to my heart. We hope this highly curated selection of original content helps inspire your next getaway.

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Kate Nelson, Executive Editor, and Hayley Saunders, Managing Editor





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