Letter from the Publisher

Vacation Anticipation

Researchers have confirmed that vacation and time away from work can reduce stress and lead to happiness. Humans need periods of time away and psychological detachment to disengage from work and their everyday routine.

As it turns out, the simple act of planning a vacation provides a huge boost of happiness. A study recently published in the journal Applied Research shows that vacation anticipation heightens happiness for eight weeks prior to a trip. The study also suggests that we get more happiness out of several small trips a year instead of one big vacation. One thing for certain is that vacations go by too fast.

On the topic of fast, ski racing is a discipline in which victory is often determined by hundredths of a second. Imagine flying down the face of a mountain at 75 mph. The sport takes massive skill, concentration and extreme fitness. One missed move can send an athlete hurling head over heels to injury or even death. Our feature, written by Karen Schneider and David Mahoney, brings us an up-close and personal look into the life of Lindsey Vonn, Minnesota’s most famous skier.

With this issue, Artful Living is proud to celebrate our fifth anniversary. What started as a real-estate brochure has turned into a leading lifestyle magazine. We are grateful to our staff, contributors and the support of our advertisers. There is major real estate recovery underfoot and be sure to check out the outstanding agents and properties available from Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty.

Welcome to the Travel Issue of Artful Living. This issue is dedicated to the best of travel to provide you with inspiration and ideas to help you plan your next vacation. Travel and vacations allow us the rare privilege to step into the lives we may never live.


Frank Roffers
Publisher + Editor-In-Chief

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