Local favorites Coco and Lala have been teaching Twin Cities foodies how to live healthier through their Facebook Live cooking show, Keeping Up With Coco & Lala. The duo is driven by the desire to help people embrace a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. We caught up with them to learn more.

What inspired you to start your Facebook cooking show, Keeping Up With Coco & Lala?

We wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle by eating vegan and vegetarian food but did not have enough information or guidance to know how to do it. The Keeping Up With Coco & Lala show is literally us taste-testing our way into a plant-based lifestyle. We figured if we needed help with this, other people did, too.

Why the focus on a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle?

We think in general that most people would benefit from adding more vegetables to their diets. Studies have shown that some of the ailments and conditions that we suffer from can show signs of improvement from a diet with more vegetables. We also care about how the gases from slaughter houses are affecting the environment, and we have compassion for animals.

What are some of your favorite episodes?

We have fun on all the episodes because our show is live, but some of our favorite videos are when something tastes better than it looks or when we are nervous to make a recipe. Like the episode when we used applesauce and smashed banana in place of eggs or when we finally came across vegan shredded cheese that actually melted with ease on pizza.

Do you have go-to vegan and vegetarian recipes?

We have tested and tried more than 250 vegan and vegetarian products and recipes, and we are hoping to release a cookbook with our favorites. The one that people find so surprising is Cauliflower Spaghetti. You rice a head of cauliflower in a food processor, sauté it with olive oil for 10 minutes, add in your favorite pasta sauce and put it over a bed of spaghetti. In less than 20 minutes, you have an amazing healthy dinner.

Can you tell us more about your radio show on KMOJ The Ice?

We were contacted by KMOJ about doing a radio show. We thought it was so cool that they thought of us. We were brought in for training, and a few weeks later, we were in the station doing our first show. We produce our own show, and we like to interview celebrity guests. For example, we recently interviewed four-time NBA champion John Salley. You can tune in to Healthin’ It Up With Coco & Lala on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. on KMOJ The Ice.

What can fans expect next from you?

More laughter, recipes, excitement and education. We are looking forward to releasing our cookbook. We frequently conduct cooking demos in the community, plus we have been hosting red carpets and emceeing events all around town. We have an event this Thursday at Mall of America as well as a vegan food tour coming up in Atlanta later this month.