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My ability to refrain from online shopping is a point of pride. There’s always been something about the phenomenon that has been rather off-putting to me, especially considering my craving for instant gratification — as in, when I buy something, it’s in my hands immediately instead of having to wait a couple days for delivery. That being said, Instagram has chipped away at my willpower with its excessive amount of daily targeted ads. Especially for one business in particular: Daily Harvest.

To preface what you are about to be read, let me say this: I have never meal prepped in my adult life. Seriously. Do I know how to cook vegetables, grill chicken and use a Crock-Pot? Absolutely. But when it comes to managing my schedule, there’s simply no space for this task in my glamorously inconsistent routine.

Anyways, my thirties are right around the corner, and never have I felt my body change more in my life than in the past two years. Part of this change has been the way my metabolism reacts to anything I consume and how I feel first thing in the morning. Apparently the digital advertising gods have heard my cries and finally convinced me to try Daily Harvest, the beautifully packaged, organic farm-frozen fare delivered right to your door.

I put in my first order and decided to opt in for a month-to-month plan, as I had no idea how long these perfectly portioned meals would end up sitting in my freezer next to the ice cream carton from January. Two days later, my box arrived, and the next morning I was ready to dive into organic smoothie heaven.

Photography provided by Daily Harvest

I ordered an array of flavors and chose to start this new beginning with the blueberry and hemp variety. I poured the contents into my blender, added oat milk, blended it all, then poured the concoction back into the Daily Harvest cup, as demonstrated in all the promo videos. Well, joke was on me, because when I did as I was told, I made a giant mess in my kitchen. Turns out the recipes make way more than I imagined. After cleanup, I began enjoying the smoothie and besides a walnut scratching my throat, it was actually incredibly refreshing.

Funny thing though: An hour later, my cup was still a third full because Daily Harvest portions are actual meals. I felt so full after finishing the entire beverage that lunch wasn’t even an option — and I hadn’t yet started my workday.

So, is Daily Harvest all that it’s chocked up to be? I would definitely say yes. But in the two weeks since my order arrived, I have only consumed five out of the 12 smoothies delivered. Thus my conclusion is that even meal prepping at its easiest has zero lasting influence on my inevitably compulsive nature. And the relentless amounts of emails I have received to renew my subscription have only amplified the guilt I feel after choosing frozen pizza over farm-harvested glory.

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