Photography provided by Lithic

I consider myself a freelance trend forecaster. My clients range from my friends to my vibrant but semi-cultured family with whom I share all the excessive amounts of news and celebrity gossip I’ve encountered on any given day. The one arena I’m always excited to dive into headfirst is the everchanging world of food. One trend I never in a million years thought would actually become a thing is the on-the-rise cricket craze. Was I curious? Definitely.

Now, it’s a known fact that you can find anything on Amazon. (Literally anything.) So after doing some research, I discovered Lithic’s 100% Pure Cricket Flour, which has rave reviews and is flagged as one of Amazon’s “choice” picks. Sign me up! Two days later, I received the insect powder and it was on like Donkey Kong.

Lithic’s cricket flour provides 17 grams of protein (holy wow!) and is gluten-free as well as Whole 30–safe. It’s essentially a protein machine without carbs and with robust amounts of micronutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin B2. As suggested on the back of the package, I included a serving of the flour in my morning super-fruit smoothie. The result? My go-to smoothie was overtaken by a chalky, beige flavor.

Setting aside my immediate judgment, I decided to give it another trial run before assessing my thoughts about the “shrimp-of-the-land” flour. The next morning, I included a serving in a smoothie made of peanut butter, oat milk and honey. Was it any better? Not in the slightest. Still very chalky and even more beige.

After two attempts to protein up my life, my desire to join the cricket movement completely faded. That said, I have wondered how the flavor may translate when used in dishes and sauces versus as a supplement in a beverage. I’m not the type of consumer to write bad reviews online about anything, but in this safe space, I’m willing to say that cricket flour is not for me. Do I suggest you give it a try? The trend forecaster in me says: Definitely.