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Duke Albert is a former brick-and-mortar storefront that was found tucked away in the quaint neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis. Recently, the small business transitioned its entire model to online shopping and delivery. We tapped owners Sarah Dwyer and Chris Drees to share how they curate Duke Albert’s inventory, what the shift to online has been like, and more.

Photography provided by Duke Albert

How did Duke Albert come to be?

We wanted to collaborate on a shop with products not easily found in Minneapolis that have a West Coast vibe.

You recently transitioned the shop to entirely online. What has that process been like?

Really freeing. Not having the constraints of a physical location has let us be more creative with our inventory, our time and our connection to our customers. We offer free local delivery, so our brick-and-mortar customers still get that same-day shopping gratification. We look forward to doing pop-ups once it is safer.

Where do you find inspiration when curating your inventory?

We find inspiration on Instagram, on the runway and while traveling (when we were allowed to do that).

What are some of your favorite items that you carry?

Grown Alchemist skincare: It’s an all-natural, science-based line that really works. Plus, it smells amazing. We are also loving Minneapolis-based Stilly CBD, Lord Jones gumdrops, and Taschen Books.

Do you have any advice for someone who’s looking to switch up their style but doesn’t know where to begin?

You can look at what’s walking down the runway, but it’s best to look within. Whatever makes you feel good is what you should be wearing.

What’s the vibe for the rest of 2020?

Stay Hydrated. Don’t Be A Racist.

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