Doing your taxes can be an emotional journey, leaving you feeling like you’ve been through hell and back. In any case, you’ve officially paid your annual dues. Congratulations! Here are 4 ways to treat yo self with that fat (or skinny) tax return.

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A Smooth Sip

The most rewarding incentive that comes with working hard is having the opportunity to play hard. If filing your taxes was way more difficult than it needed to be, you deserve a smooth sip. In our opinion, a cocktail crafted with Don Julio, Ketel One Botanical or Champagne is definitely necessary to celebrate this small (yet major) feat.

DIY Spa Day

While the fear of getting audited is a real buzzkill, one thing that isn’t is having a luxury spa experience all within the comfort of your own home. Manage your stress by enlisting the Eve Lom Rescue Mask, Osea for Parachute Sleep Time bath salts or the celebrity-endorsed Hanacure face mask. After all, the purest form of self-love is extravagant self-care.

Retail Therapy

Receiving a tax return is like receiving money for your birthday: You didn’t have it yesterday, but you have it now. Disregard Marie Kondo’s “Does this spark joy?” mantra and make like a boss by purchasing the shoes, bling or designer bag you’ve been eyeing.

A Weekend Getaway

Are you the type of employee who saves up all your PTO until the holidays roll around? Heed my advice: Get over yourself and get outta town. Destinations like Hawaii, Bali and St. Kitts are calling your name, so dust off those sandals, pack your carry-on and enjoy a spontaneous weekend away. You won’t regret it.