5x7-scallop-004a7498_webYou’ve never had tempura quite like this.

By Genevieve Cossette

Tempura Endo, 9777 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310-274-2201, beverlyhills-endo.com

Straight from Kyoto, Japan, the first American outpost of Tempura Endo serves premium, authentic cuisine prepared using ancient techniques. The Beverly Hills eatery is peaceful and relaxing, featuring curtained-off rooms where groups dine at their own private bar, watching the master chefs at work.

The fare is prepared in the finest way possible, using the highest rated Japanese oils of cottonseed, safflower and sesame. The freshest market ingredients are coated in a batter made from cold, hard water, white wine and Japanese tempura flour. Highlights include the A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef and the caviar-stuffed scallops.

The menu consists of à-la-carte offerings as well as multi-course experiences. The Kiyomizu option includes nine courses featuring 20-some different items, from king crab and sea urchin to sashimi and live scampi. The savory dishes are followed by cognac-flamed sweet potato and some of the most delicious matcha you’ve ever tasted.

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