OK, if I’m being totally honest: You’re a hot mess. Sure, there may be some areas of your life where you feel like you’re totally thriving, but in reality, you are on the same struggle bus as the rest of us. The arrival of a new season is the perfect time for fresh ways of thinking. Make spring cleaning extra personal this year and give your life a good scrub using these 4 pieces of advice.

Photography provided by Giphy

Unfollow people on Instagram

If you’re not on Instagram, congratulations, you’ve won at life. For those of us who are, the rollercoaster of emotions that can occur while experiencing others’ lives through a filtered world can become all-consuming and, at times, damaging to our own self-perception. All of us hate-follow a sum of exes, acquaintances and complete strangers. Next time you’re mindlessly scrolling, ask yourself this: Is being envious of someone with whom I will never have any form of relationship actually worth it? The answer is no. Do yourself a favor and unfollow away.

Quit using so much plastic

The harsh reality is that human beings have completely trashed the earth. With terrifying statistics surfacing each day about the future of our planet, every ounce of attention and effort we can give to help the environment is a success in and of itself. One small but huge way to contribute is by reducing your use of single-use plastic like straws, grocery bags and packaging supplies. Everyone’s carbon footprint plays a role in what the future will look like; make yours high-fashion by living your best green life.

Refresh your style

Growing up, my mom was the queen of rocking a new hairstyle. I vividly remember her being able to completely reshape her entire essence by changing up this one aspect of her look. Was every hair choice a hit? Absolutely not (sorry, Mom!), but the moral of the story is this: Change it up. Have you wanted to cut or color your hair a certain way but haven’t had the courage to do it? I am officially giving you permission to go for it. Did it turn out awful? Guess what — it’ll grow back.

Watch what you eat

You are what you eat. Exploring this statement can be borderline horrific for those of us who regularly consume takeout, processed foods and microwavable delights. I’m not saying you need to completely cut out all of your favorite treats, but finding ways to satisfy your cravings with foods that benefit you physically and mentally is the first step in achieving everything you want in life. (Seriously.)