Piper, one of Artful Living’s office dogs, is a 2-year-old English Lab. You can find her sniffing all around town, but here are some of her favorite places to play, eat and shop. Come with us as we explore Piper’s Twin Cities.



I love being with my family, but sometimes I need to get away to Augusta doggy daycare. It’s located near my home in Edina, and there I get to run around and play with so many of my doggy friends. Augusta has so many activities to help me get out some of my energy, like the little pool outside — which, as a Lab, I of course love. All the people there just love me. I think I must be their favorite, because they give me so much attention and so many belly rubs. They even have a nickname for me, Miss Wiggles, because when I run, my little tush goes back and forth.


Dairy Queen

Everyone has a favorite treat to enjoy on a sunny day, and mine is Dairy Queen. When I’m a good dog, we will sometimes stop to get a cone.



I love having options when it comes to toys, and as we all know, sometimes when you get too excited, they can get ruined. That’s why my family and I love BarkBox, a monthly themed shipment of toys and treats delivered right to your door. I love opening the package to see what new toys I’ll get to play with and treats I’ll get to enjoy. I can’t believe how lucky I am!