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Kayla O’Rourke

The Bar Method Twin Cities

Usually when you hear about finding a community while bellying up to a bar, something of the corner-pub variety comes to mind. Turns out there’s a healthier alternative: The Bar Method Twin Cities, where members instead belly up to a barre to complete hour-long isometric classes that promise to elongate, strengthen, and build grace and poise for a lifetime of mind and body wellness. 

“We often call it the type-A workout,” says owner Kayla O’Rourke. “Our workout never becomes easier, but don’t let that turn you away. You will feel constantly and continually challenged on multiple levels, and in a way that could become a healthy addiction.” 

The studio hosts clients from age 15 to 78 and often attracts medical professionals, physical therapists and more on account of the physical therapist–approved workouts and the deep understanding of wellness. “Our on-staff physical therapist evaluates every exercise, telling us which ones we can combine to keep joints and bodies from getting hurt,” she notes. On top of that, teacher certification requires six months versus the one to three weeks that many other programs require. This enables instructors to master not only the art of teaching but also the art of client connection and how to weave together an efficient, effective workout with a sense of community.

O’Rourke prides herself on the community feel at her North Loop studio and loves seeing that focus expand to the new Edina locale. Even if you’ve tried aerobics, distance running, high-intensity interval training, P90X, TRX, Pilates, yoga or even personal training, she says, “you won’t see results like the ones you get with the Bar Method.” Trust her — she did the legwork.

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