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While the Minneapolis Institute of Art is closed, the team behind the Store at Mia has worked with some of its favorite local female vendors to ship Mother’s Day gifts directly to you.

Photography provided by Minneapolis Institute of Art

Helen Wang Jewelry

Helen Wang Jewelry creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces with you in mind, directly addressing your aesthetic, comfort and lifestyle. Whether you opt for the celestial twinkle of a quartz marquise earring, the vintage feel of a genuine Swarovski crystal bridal choker or the carefree weightlessness of a mixed metal lariat, know that what has just passed from Helen Wang’s hands to yours reflects the vision the brand has for you. The decision to use only the finest hand- and precision-cut gemstones, intriguingly earthy raw organics, and precious metals ensures that these treasures will bring joy for years to come.

Yen Chee Design

Jewelry is such a powerful avenue of self-expression. Yen Chee Design’s goal is to create pieces that speak to you on a deeper level and make you feel confident and ready to show up as the best version of you. Chee creates jewelry using only the highest quality materials and high vibrational stones, and the jewelry is intended to guide women on their journey toward finding balance and harmony in their everyday lives. With the power of healing stones in concert with simple and elegant designs, Yen Chee Design aims to help your authentic beauty shine inside and out.

Artum Paper Co.

Is it possible to celebrate that growing up these days simply requires a lot of Googling, and having more questions than answers? If we can accept and celebrate that fact, maybe we won’t clear our browser histories so fast — or feel so alone. Artum Paper Co.’s cards serve to remind us that the most important part is not that we figure it out. It’s that we understand that people like ourselves are in process, too, searching for the same answers. Because life isn’t a science; it’s the art of knowing that not knowing is what makes us human. We’re all a bit insecure-ious, and it’s part of what makes our experiences interesting, meaningful and sometimes unexpected.

Mend Jewelry

Mend Jewelry connects natural gemstones and crystals to women through simplistically designed jewelry. The timeless pieces are delicate yet strong and made with intentionality. The beauty draws people in and connects women to the particular stone that is powerfully stunning to them. The healing gemstones and crystals offer restorative and empowerment to conquer circumstances. Women are drawn to Mend Jewelry collections because their story aligns with our story.

Jella World Artist Collections

Jella World Artist Collections brings you beautiful art and jewelry from all around the world. Artisans in remote locations across the globe use the finest materials from their region, and each design is collaboratively created. Jella strives to make unique jewelry that you will love forever and that truly defines your style.

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