Ask anyone who works here: Artful Living has the best office culture. From the massage chair to the music blasting through the Sonos speakers to the walking treadmills (shout-out to our publisher, Frank!), we have it pretty good. But the office wouldn’t be complete without the presence of our beloved office dogs. You may have seen them on our social-media channels, but we thought it necessary to give our furry friends an official intro. Meet Brie and Piper!


Breed: French bulldog
Birthday: October 30, 2017
Nicknames: Brie Brie, Brie-by
Instagram Handle: @briebeingbasic
Loves: Cheese, doggy daycare, toys that squeak or crinkle
Hates: Being alone, her doggy seatbelt
Worst Habits: Chewing, snoring, tipping over her water bowl
Favorite Activities: Cuddling, sniffing around outside, going to the dog park, playing with other dogs


Breed: English white Lab
Birthday: October 17, 2015
Nicknames: Pippy, Miss Wiggles
Instagram Handle: @piperrthepuppy
Loves: Cuddling, swimming, playing ball, doggy daycare
Hates: Giving the ball back
Worst Habits: Barking, chewing any and all clothing
Favorite activities: Swimming, playing ball

For more of these two, follow them on Instagram and stay tuned for more appearances right here on our website.