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It’s officially that time of year when a wardrobe refresh is at the top of everyone’s list. This fall, why not upgrade your frame game as well? InVision Distinctive Eyewear and its experts are ready to help you find the perfect pair of glasses. All four InVision stores are open by appointment, and you can schedule a one-on-one appointment for an eye exam, glasses styling, adjustments and eyeglass repair. Here, InVision shares 5 expert tips for picking the perfect eyewear frames.

Think of color in terms of blending and contrast. Blending colors tend to disappear, while stronger contrasts stand out more and strengthen the impression the frames make. A medium to medium/high level of contrast tends to work best. Frames that are too blended will make you look washed out.

Don’t worry about what you wear. Choose colors that suit your preference, and your new glasses will complement your wardrobe perfectly. 

Look around the edges of the frame, similar to how an experienced photographer examines the full frame of the viewfinder before taking a photo. Your eyes do not have to be centered in the frame, but they should be in a balanced position and not too close or too far from the edges.

Look for distracting geometric conflicts. For example, the edge of the frame crossing your brow at a sharp angle.

If you think you want a bold black frame, try on other dark shades as well. Dark gray, brown, blue or even deep green can provide a more subtle, interesting take on the bold look of black frames. We love black, too, but you can often achieve the effect you want with a slightly softer color.

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