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Top tip: Trust is such an important component of the architect-client relationship. Find someone with whom you’re comfortable talking about your lifestyle, money, parenting, and other priorities and values to get the best possible outcome. Choose the best team for you and then let them do their job.

Common misconception: That the architect, interior designer and builder are single entities working independently. Rather, they are an important team that should be assembled at the start. Things aren’t handed off one to another but developed through the course of the project, from conception to completion. That’s why we offer both architecture and interior-design services at our studio for seamless planning and execution.

How to get inspired: We live in the land of 10,000 house tours. Get out and see what others are doing. Experiencing spaces in three dimensions is so much more informative and helpful — and real.

A classic that will never go out of style: Consistency and an overall cohesive design. When we walk up to the front door of a house, we have an expectation of what lies within. Our team aspires to deliver on that: to create something in sync with the building and its sensibilities yet new and fresh.

Trend you’re over: Those darn French-door refrigerators that don’t allow you to set anything down on the adjacent counter without maneuvering around the other door. It’s not ideal to step backward in a kitchen, and that’s exactly what you have to do to extract yourself from between the double doors. If you’ve got the room, stick with a conventional single-door refrigerator.

Most memorable project: We recently completely remodeled an entire spec home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The floor plan was unlivable: You entered the master bedroom through a corner of the kitchen work triangle. We reworked the interior, making an incredible open living plan filled with light and joy.

Secret to great kitchen design: Every project needs to find itself. It’s OK not to know the answer at the outset and instead to be open to various ideas and solutions. Sometimes an island won’t fit, but a peninsula will do the same job. Remain open to the creativity your architect and designer bring to the table.

Your company’s trademark: Creating innovative, respectful and contemporary solutions for your home, old or new.

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