Inside the Artist’s Studio is Artful Living’s exclusive look into the innovative, intimate lifestyles of creatives. The studio is a place of curating, of inspiring, of creating. These distinctive spaces play an essential role in the artist’s process and are a direct reflection of the personality and attention to detail that go into each work of art.

As a director, producer, writer, cinematographer and editor, Jimmy Gildea has many talents when it comes to creating. In 2015, he founded Ramble Pictures, a Minneapolis-based film-production company dedicated to telling impactful stories. Prior to striking out on his own, Gildea worked with some of Hollywood’s finest. He displays a true passion for making socially impactful cinema and staying involved in the international humanitarian community.

How would you describe your studio?

Elizabeth and I live in a single-bedroom loft where we also operate our filmmaking company. The apartment is located on the 11th floor of the renovated Pillsbury flour mill, now the A-Mill Artist Lofts. Remnants of the mill are preserved throughout the historic property. In our loft, for example, several flour chutes hang from the ceiling and a steel support beam stretches across the main living space. The building’s iconic water tower sits outside our kitchen window and glows blue in the night. We’ve decorated the studio space with a variety of plants, along with our camera equipment, archive of films, and collection of books. We continue to steadily fill the walls with posters and photographs of our travels and film subjects.

How long have you been in this space?

We moved into this studio in November 2015.

What are your studio must-haves?

Elizabeth and I enjoy keeping plant life in our apartment. A major portion of our day is spent inside editing at our computers, so seeking balance is an ongoing endeavor. We find that plants bring both a lively and peaceful presence to our home, helping generate an atmosphere suitable for creativity. Another necessity is having books and films available to read and watch for education and inspiration. Music is also a must!

How does this space foster creativity?

The greater areas of the A-Mill Artist Lofts provide a number of gathering spaces to meet and collaborate with fellow artists as well as private spaces where artists can work independently. The residents of the building have cultivated a supportive atmosphere for working artists like us. Our proximity to downtown Minneapolis also fosters great creativity. From the views of the skyline and the Mississippi River to the innumerable local businesses, walking paths and city parks, we feel very fortunate to live where we do!

What’s the best part of having a studio in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis has proven to be a city that welcomes the arts in all its forms. The public’s encouraging attitude toward artists is what we find to be the best part of living and working in Minneapolis.