Photography provided by Highland House Furniture

Showcasing high-end furniture, lighting, art and accessories, Rabbit Creek’s premier showroom is located at Minneapolis’s International Market Square. Gathering together the design community of IMS and the greater Twin Cities area, Rabbit Creek invites internationally acclaimed design professionals into its showroom for presentations, book signings and more. The Rabbit Creek team dished on current inspirations, favorite trends and the company mantra.

Photography provided by Visual Comfort & Co.

What inspires you right now?

At Rabbit Creek, our inspiration is the desire to provide the highest level of service to the design community through the representation of key brands important to the industry. With the ability to customize almost every product we sell in a single branded showroom, we cater to a wide range of different styles and budgetary needs.

Photography provide by Highland House Furniture

What pieces, styles or trends are you loving?

Blue tones have always been a hit in the Midwest, acting as a reminder of the summer lakes and blue skies. Luscious green hues were the talk of the town at Fall Market with a great resurgence of clean lines and midcentury influences. Rabbit Creek prides itself on being a cutting-edge company that offers transitionally styled pieces guaranteed to fit in any design genre.

What is your company’s mantra?

Because we provide a diverse collection of brands, the mantra that best describes us is: We believe that if you can imagine it, our artisans can likely help you create it.

Photography provide by Highland House Furniture

How does IMS help your designs come to life?

IMS offers Rabbit Creek a platform to showcase great design and service for the community.

Why is IMS important in the Twin Cities design community?

IMS garners its popularity within the design community for its convenient location and brand representation. It’s a central spot for designers to complete an entire design. A one-stop shop if you will.