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Our favorite low-ABV aperitif Haus is doing big things for the restaurant industry with its new philanthropic initiative, and the benefits are going to be seen right here in Minneapolis. Through the Restaurant Project, Haus is collaborating with some of the country’s finest eateries to help the hospitality industry generate revenue during this unpredictable time and passing 100% of the project’s profits directly on to the participating restaurants. What does this have to do with the Twin Cities? Enter Spoon and Stable.

Photography provided by Haus

Haus is creating an all-new range of aperitifs to reflect each restaurant partner’s individual culinary approach using real fruits, herbs and botanicals. The recipe in collaboration with Spoon and Stable is described as aromatic and herbaceous, and is a unique blend of citrus peels, spices and botanicals like lemongrass, cardamom, sumac and anise for a crisp, complex flavor. Once a sample has been produced, chef Gavin Kaysen and his team will provide their feedback and the aperitif will be tweaked until it is just right.

Preorders for the Spoon and Stable aperitif start today, and the product will remain on sale as long as restaurants are being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Haus pays its restaurant partners immediately, so every purchase has an instant impact. Visit Haus’s website to preorder a set of two bottles of the Spoon and Stable aperitif today. Cheers to good drinks and a great cause!

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