Artful Giving is a new initiative showcasing notable artists and creatives who are committed to giving back to charitable and nonprofit organizations. Meet a new creative each quarter and have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive piece of art with proceeds supporting the creative’s cause of choice.

In an effort to lift spirits, spread positive energy and support those around us, Artful Living has partnered with artist Anna Lisabeth to bring you this exclusive art print. A portion of proceeds will benefit Women for Political Change.

“A Moment Interrupted”
6 by 8 inches or 9 by 12 inches
Printed on heavyweight acid-free paper

From the Artist

“This print, entitled ‘A Moment Interrupted,’ is meant to portray the feeling we are collectively experiencing — the sensation of life being set on hold. The image of a moment, a gathering, being forgotten, as we’re called away to the urgent and unknown demands of these current days. A nostalgic representation of all we have left behind. And a hopeful reminder of all we will be able to one day return to. This present is trying. But a reverent and joyous celebration awaits us.”

About the Cause

Women for Political Change holistically invests in the leadership and political power of young women as well as trans and nonbinary individuals throughout Minnesota.


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