Artful Giving is a new initiative showcasing notable artists and creatives who are committed to giving back to charitable and nonprofit organizations. Meet a new creative each quarter and have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive piece of art with proceeds supporting the creative’s cause of choice.

In an effort to lift spirits, spread positive energy and support those around us, Artful Living has partnered with artist Heather Polk to bring you this exclusive art print, “Love is an Action Word.” A portion of proceeds will support the Southside Community Arts Center in Chicago.

Photography provided by Heather Polk

“Love is an Action Word”
12 by 16 inches
Created on watercolor paper

From the Artist

Love is an action word is the simplest description of this artwork. Love is an act of selfless giving, sharing and receiving — ideally a reciprocal loop. Even more simply, I love hearts! I collect them. I regularly pair hearts with hands in my work as a way of exploring a range of emotions associated with love. I felt this particular artwork was perfect for Artful Giving because there is a universal appeal: We all have a heart, and we all have hands to give, help or support.”

Photography provided by South Side Community Art Center

About the Cause

Founded in 1940, South Side Community Art Center is the oldest African American art center in the United States and a Chicago historic landmark. The organization serves as an artist- and community-centered resource with programs, exhibitions and events that inspire.


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