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Once seen as an alternative way of presenting oneself, gender-neutral styling is now considered the height of chic. Encompassing women’s power suiting and the male beauty phenomenon, the movement has officially breached its acceptance phase and is now passionately celebrated by mainstream culture. Here are 4 trends leading the way into the very near, very neutral future.

Photography provided by Chanel


Never has there been a more empowered time when women stand beside and up for other women. One may credit Hillary Clinton’s roster of 2016 campaign looks or characters like Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia in Russian Doll, but rocking a power suit will (in my opinion) forever be the most iconic fashion choice one can make. Disagree? Remember when Karl Lagerfeld’s couture bride was Kendall Jenner styled in a First Wives Clubesque white suit? That’s the level of iconic I’m talking about.

Photography provided by Reebok


When purchasing shoes of any kind from a foreign country on the World Wide Web, the sizing guide is either your best friend or the reason you ended up returning the pumps of your dreams. Welcome to the world of universal sizing. Many brands are creating lines of sneakers and heels sized and styled to cater to all individuals.

Photography provided by Chanel


In 2016, Covergirl cast its first male Covergirl, James Charles, launching him to digital superstardom overnight and sparking huge controversy. Beauty brands everywhere took notice and began marketing products toward a more androgynous audience. The fact of the matter is this: Men need moisturizers, under-eye correction cream and brow pencils just as much as anyone else.

Photography provided by Maison Margiela Fragrances


Destroying the scent profiles of feminine and masculine, the Replica collection from Maison Margiela defies every boundary ever set by its predecessors. The scents are pointedly marketed as gender-neutral, with names like Wicked Love, Sailing Day and (my personal favorite) Music Festival, each supplying a complex essence to amp up any individual’s sex appeal.

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