Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, having the proper gear on hand can make or break your trip. Here are five essential travel gadgets to make your next journey more enjoyable.

Tumi Global Locator

Frequent flyers can all agree on one thing: Losing your belongings in transit can quickly ruin your travel experience. And having an airline tell you it can’t locate your misplaced luggage only makes things worse. With Tumi’s Global Locator, you can find your bags in seconds with the handy smartphone app. The compact device easily fits into a backpack or suitcase and empowers you with a variety of features. GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology work together to update you in real time about the status of your luggage.

Nebula Capsule

Advancements in projection technology have allowed Nebula to compact a 100-inch screen into a device the size of a soda can. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, streaming devices and game consoles are all easily connected to the Nebula, making it perfect for glamping or escaping to a remote location. Bonus: The built-in 360-degree speakers provide a cinematic audio experience.

Fuze Card

Tired of hauling around all your credit, debit and gift cards? Fuze came up with a solution to consolidate your entire wallet into one device, eliminating the need for excess baggage when traveling. You simply scan your cards into the smartphone app, and the Fuze Card can access any of them at any given time, all on a single card. Bonus: Combining your cards makes things not only simpler but safer as well.

CaldrynFyre Mobile Heated Mug

All-day travel can leave you feeling sluggish, necessitating a caffeine fix. With its internal batteries and heating core, Caldryn’s heated mug instantly warms up beverages with the push of a button. You can choose between four heating modes: hot, extra hot, brew and boil (yes, you can boil water in this thing).

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale

Heavy luggage can result in unexpected and unwanted fees. Save yourself some headache by weighing your suitcase with Etekcity’s handheld luggage scale before you even get to the airport. Simply hook your bag onto the device using the strap and give it a lift. The digital screen will instantly display the weight. This gadget’s compact design makes it easy to bring along on any excursion.