Last year, we brought you the story of young Twin Cities watch connoisseurs Brandon and Zach Hoglund, whose WatchesOnYou YouTube channel has amassed nearly 5 million views and more than 12,000 subscribers in just two years. Now, 21-year-old Brandon has decided to craft his own chronograph modeled after the luxe timepieces the duo reviews. The Kickstarter campaign behind his Höglund & Sons Mark I Chronograph Watch is nearly fully funded and ends Monday, October 14. We got the scoop on the inspiration behind the timepiece, what makes it unique and if Brandon sees a future in watchmaking.

What inspired you and Zach to start WatchesOnYou?

Zach and I were inspired to start WatchesOnYou because we wanted to interact with watches that we had only previously seen in magazines and online.

Were you surprised to amass such a following?

We were not really surprised to amass such a following because we were very dedicated to producing more content than most other watch channels from the time we started the channel. We knew it would take a long time to become big, but we also knew that if we kept working it would eventually happen.

Photography provided by Brandon Hoglund

Now, you’ve decided to create your own timepiece. Can you tell us more about it?

Seeing that most of the watches I review lie far outside the budget of the typical consumer (particularly those within my age bracket), I decided to create my own watch that has many of the same features as these high-end watches but at an affordable price ($149). Some of these features include a tachymeter scale on the dial as well as time zone and unit conversion scales on the case back. Additionally, the watch utilizes a mechanical quartz hybrid chronograph movement, which looks and feels like a mechanical chronograph while having the superior accuracy of a quartz movement.

Why a racing chronograph?

I have always loved the design of racing chronographs, and particularly those with two subdials for the chronograph due to the improved symmetry of the dial over those with three subdials. Additionally, a racing chronograph such as the Mark I Chronograph is a very functional watch. For example, the chronograph complication as well as the tachymeter scale enable the wearer to not only time things but also calculate their current speed on the track. Furthermore, I tried to improve upon the functionality of a traditional racing chronograph by including the aforementioned time zone and unit conversion scales on the case back.

Is watchmaking in your future?

I plan to continue the Höglund & Sons brand with new complications and models as far as its success will allow. However, my long-term career goal is to become a neurosurgeon and as such I will be attending medical school next year; I am currently a senior in the biomedical engineering program at the University of Minnesota.

To learn more and to preorder your watch, check out Hoglund’s Kickstarter campaign.