Photography provided by Giphy

As a first-time bicycle owner, I’ve quickly come to learn how much of an investment it actually is. In much of life, it’s OK to fake it until you make it, but on the road, cyclists take their skills and their commutes very, very seriously. Here are 5 bike season essentials to get you wheeling in the right direction, wherever that might be.

Photography provided by REI

Thousand Heritage Helmet

They say if you’re not laughing, you’re dying. Reality is, if you’re not wearing a helmet while biking — well, you get the idea. REI carries a broad range of chic technical gear, including Thousand Heritage’s sleek line of helmets.

Photography provided by Yeti

Yeti Tocayo Backpack

If a bicycle is your official commuter vehicle, a compact, multi-use bag is a must. Yeti takes all-terrain travel very seriously, creating products that are functional yet fashionable. The Tocayo backpack is waterproof, easy to organize and sized for on the go.

Photography provided by Hay

Hay Sowden Water Bottle

Life lesson: Hydration is one of the keys to success in any given scenario. When looking for a water bottle to take on the road, it’s important to consider size, shape and material. Hay’s Sowden bottle is constructed entirely of stainless steel, making it ideal for both hot and cold liquids. And from a design standpoint, it’s basically a piece of art.

Photography provided by New Balance

New Balance Numeric 913 Shoes

When it comes to the right kicks to accompany your ride, New Balance is an easy brand to embrace. Originally created as a skate shoe, the Numeric 913 lends itself nicely to a biking sensibility.

Photography provided by Bose

Bose Alto Audio Sunglasses

Having a killer soundtrack to energize your morning ride requires investing in a pair of cordless Bluetooth-friendly headphones. Bose has taken its sound game up a notch with the launch of its Alto audio sunglasses. Available in several styles, these sharp frames pair well with our Good Vibes Only playlist.