Letter from the Editors

Hayley Saunders: Autumn is an annual celebration of style, kicking off with the arrival of the thick September issues of top fashion tomes like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. We at Artful Living like to keep the fashionable festivities going all season long. This issue is packed with plenty of stylish content, like a look at the current state of men’s fashion from our Digital Editor, AJ Longabaugh — one of the most fashion-forward guys we know (page 93). Our adventure section, meanwhile, transports you to the English countryside with an ode to tweed by special contributor Laura Schara (page 218).

Kate Nelson: But style isn’t just about the clothes you don. It’s also about the food you eat, as acclaimed chef Angie Mar shows us at her sultry Beatrice Inn (page 63). It’s how you travel — or, if you’re hip to the hottest new trend, how your pets travel (page 112). And it’s how you honor a cultural icon like Minnesota’s own Judy Garland half a century after her passing (page 56).

HS: Speaking of honor — well, codes of honor — who among us isn’t at least a little curious about what goes on during the clandestine meetings of secret societies? For our feature, “Secret’s Out,” we asked writer Marguerite Happe to dig up some dirt on these covert clubs (page 140). Namely, in today’s world, are secret societies even relevant anymore? And is anyone still joining? The answer might surprise you.

KN: Our Intel section is full of other curiosities. On the technology front, writer Gina Samarotto shows what life with personal robots will look like in the not-so-distant future — as soon as next year, in fact, when one in 10 American homes is predicted to have a robot of their own (page 235). And Andrew Parks takes us to Tasmania, where the Museum of Old and New Art is giving the proverbial finger to art industry elite and shocking sensitive museum goers to the core (page 240). After all, what’s more stylish than bucking the status quo?

HS: That’s something we pride ourselves on here at Artful Living, with each issue bringing readers content that’s provocative rather than pedestrian, cutting-edge rather than conventional. With us, it’s safe to say you can expect the unexpected.

Happy reading,



Kate Nelson, Editor-in-Chief, and Hayley Saunders, Managing Editor + Associate Publisher





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