Letter from the Editors

Hayley Saunders: With the crisp days of autumn come sweater (and boot) weather, a changing of colors, and of course football season. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying the talent of Aaron Rodgers, who is now the highest paid player in the National Football League.

Kate Nelson: He’s arguably the most interesting man in football, in part because he’s been so private for so long. But luckily for us, he opened up to special contributor Michele Tafoya in a late-summer interview (page 118). She and I traveled to Lambeau Field for the rendezvous, and what unfolded was a casual, candid conversation between friends. After all, she’s known Rodgers since he was a rookie.

HS: It’s a fascinating read, even if you’re not a Green Bay Packers fan — or even a football fan, for that matter. To complement the interview, writer Reid Forgrave penned an essay asking if Rodgers truly is the NFL’s best player (page 127). He also reported on an Iowa man who cracked the lottery — and eventually got caught (page 220).

KN: Equally interesting is our Q+A with Minneapolis artist Scott Seekins, who can be seen around town wearing all black in winter and all white in summer (page 241). Interviewing him was simultaneously strange, wonderful and thought-provoking.

HS: This being our annual style issue, we’ve got plenty of coverage in that department. I personally love the look back at Paris Couture Week, a time-honored tradition celebrating the artistry of fashion (page 78). We also curated the best of the best for our annual A List, as produced by Chris Plantan (page 63).

KN: Per usual, our travel stories provide endless inspiration, from a wellness weekend on the Caribbean isle of Curaçao (page 58) to honeymooning at Mexico’s über exclusive Hotel Esencia (page 89) to a stay at a design-driven inn in a faraway land (page 202). On the adventure side, outdoorswoman and fashionista Laura Schara, who we welcome as an ongoing contributor, shares a women’s survival guide (page 206).

HS: Taken altogether, this issue can be considered a guide to the artful life — and a great way to commemorate Artful Living’s 10th anniversary.

Happy reading.



Kate Nelson, Executive Editor, and Hayley Saunders, Managing Editor





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