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frank-roffersCreating a magazine is a highly collaborative and gratifying occupation. Four times a year, we take a blank slate, hold a brainstorming session, contract with dozens of freelancers and begin to piece together a product. It’s like baking a delicious cake with countless ingredients.

What started eight years ago as a vehicle to market and sell real estate has transformed into the North’s leading lifestyle publication. Last year, we trademarked the phrase “Magazine of the North” and rededicated our efforts to bring a unique voice along with a heightened level of content, design and structure to our affluent audience.

Welcome to the style issue of Artful Living. Our feature, our third annual A-List Awards, is our definitive guide to the best of the North. This curated collection of the finest in home, style, adventure, and food and drink may even spark some inspiration for your holiday gifting for the season ahead.

Speaking of A listers, also in this issue is a profile of 
real-estate legend Ralph Burnet. He and his wife, Peggy, have made an enormous impression on our region, from building the finest real-estate brokerage to opening world-class hotels to championing our own Walker Art Center.
Also within our pages are the latest looks from New York Fashion Week. And be sure to check out our men’s fashion shoot with Martin Patrick 3 photographed on location at the new Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis. Finally, don’t miss “The Incredible Journey,” the unbelievable tale of an outlandish cast of characters who hatch a plan to be the first men to travel to the North Pole on snowmobiles.

Artful Living will continue to be a place for timeless subject matter, escapism and inspiration. We are proud to deliver remarkable content at the crossroads of style and substance.


Frank Roffers
Publisher + Editor-In-Chief


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