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Located five minutes outside the small and iconic artsy town of Marfa, Texas, Marfa House is the perfect West Texas escape. This abode hosts a modern design with magical views of the surrounding desert landscape and provides guests with the opportunity to entirely unplug and depart newly inspired. From sourcing furnishings to honoring the home’s existing materials, owner and design consultant Diane Birdsall shared what it took to get this home Airbnb-ready.

Photography provided by Diane Birdsall

What inspired the design of this home?

Artist Donald Judd’s work inspired the design. I was aiming to keep the space functional, simple, and beautiful while respecting the home’s original materials.

How did you approach the design of this home?

I had to get to know the adobe material, which I had never worked with before. I did not hire an architect and I managed all costs and the flow of the project. Since I was the client, I constantly asked myself how I would want to live in this home. I found a contractor that I really connected with and they helped move things along.

How is your personal style reflected throughout the abode?

I love the kitchen that I designed myself. I had a local maker create the cabinets for me. My contractor wanted to do maple ceilings and I watched him cut and fit the ceiling in the two main rooms in one day. He made me promise not to advise or question him. He designed it in a herringbone pattern and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Where did you source furnishings for this space?

My favorite spots include Lumens, CB2 and 2Modern. Once I decided on the maple cabinets and ceilings, and natural pine for the interior window trim, I allowed those materials to dictate the design of the rest of the house.

Marfa is far West Texas. There is almost nothing but the dollar store around here. I had to go online for a lot of the pieces and learned that shipping costs can sometimes exceed the cost of the item. Also, since many distributors contract through independent shippers to deliver to this area, large items like beds, tables, couches and mattresses can take up to three months to arrive. It’s one of the effects of living this far out. You just have to embrace it.

What are your favorite decor and architectural elements throughout this home?

I love the generous owner’s bath and bedroom. I also love the pool and rooftop space. It faces west and looks out over vast ranch land. It’s a nice end-of-the-day spot to gather with friends or to sit solo with a glass of wine.

Is there a certain energy you hope this space offers guests?

I hope this space offers a true sense of having stayed somewhere different. A place like Marfa provides the unique experience of feeling like you have really escaped out of the ordinary.

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